Then suddenly i feel something rush through me, which turns out to be the first time i'm cumming.
So you are actually ejaculating only with the help of a balloon? - Yes.

Please enjoy the site. ;)

Do you love balloons as much as me?

Right now you're probably thinking "Are you kidding me?", and that is one of the most common questions you'll get as a balloonfetishist.

I've written alot about how a fetish like this usually occurs, how many balloonfetishists there might be out there, the difference between "ordinary people" and a balloonfetishist, and if it would harm your chances of finding a girl- or a boyfriend (and if they will accept it), etc.
In other words, you'll find everything there is to know about balloonfetish, written by someone who definitely knows what he is talking about!
how did you discover you had this fetish for balloons?

A day i was home alone, i sit with a balloon under my duvet that i'm inflating.
Then i can feel something is "happening" down there under the duvet.

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